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Located in beautiful Webster Groves, at the Desoto Building, in the heart of St. Louis, Missouri, Dynamic Personal Fitness is a private studio that is owned and operated by fitness expert and head trainer Mike Little with the promise that he and DPF’s certified trainers will build a workout program specifically for YOU and YOUR needs so you achieve quick and safe results!

Weightlifting is not just for professional athletes and bodybuilders. People of all age groups and experience levels will benefit from a proper strength training program. From weekend warriors to senior citizens, anyone can make improvements well beyond the basics of health and fitness.

Whether you are a high school athlete or older adult, free weight exercises will strengthen muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.  It increases balance, coordination, bone density, and mental alertness. We believe that personal training isn't just about making you look better. It's an essential component of your overall physical and mental health.

Here is how we will get you started on a personalized training program:

Step 1: Call Dynamic Personal Fitness at 314-963-2070 or email Mike at  We prefer to talk over the phone, but if you are more comfortable with email, that is fine as well. 

Step 2: Come into the private studio for a 1:1 consult with Mike to assess your needs and goals.  We will also discuss you health history and any limitations you might have.  This 30 minute session is free of charge! 

Step 3: You will be partnered with one of our highly qualified and certified personal trainers, and they will contact you directly to set up your first session! 

Step 4: During your first few workouts, we will assess your fitness levels but NOT through any type of  fitness testing. We do not want to make anyone uncomfortable, so our assessments are tailored to your needs and goals. We will find a good starting point for you personally and then discuss a plan to meet your goals! 

Step 5: You will have your specified workout times each week with your  personal trainer. The private studio typically has only 2- 6 people in the gym at one time. Each week your workout will be updated so that your specific fitness goals can  be met!


DPF is a private fitness studio that specializes in one-on-one personal training. We treat each client as an individual and tailor your program and environment to meet your workout needs. All of our personal trainers are certified, experienced and professional. Most importantly, we are passionate about what we do and want you to meet your fitness goals.

Free Weight

At DPF we have developed an exercise philosophy based around free weight strength training. Free weight exercises engage more muscle groups, stabilizers, ligaments and joints than any other training method. Free weights force you to mimic natural movements and require balance and stability. The results are faster, more complete muscle growth than purely machine weight or cardio workouts offer.